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Responsible Supply Chains

Slow Factory + The Bear Scouts

Slow Factory has partnered with The Bear Scouts, a responsible and sustainable solution-driven sourcing and manufacturing group that works with high-end luxury brands. The Bear Scouts founder Dio Kurazawa is Head of Denim at WGSN.

Research & Development

Slow Factory Lab

Part research center, part R+D lab, The Slow Factory Method is a systemic design approach to improving the environmental sustainability and social impact of product manufacturing, in the fashion industry and beyond. It incorporates global knowledge of manufacturers, trends and consumer behavior analysis, sustainability best practices and innovation.

the Loop

Pre- and Post-Consumer

Slow Factory is innovating in the waste to material space specific to fashion, taking pre- and post-consumer waste and repurposing it into new materials to re-enter the production cycle.


A conference series about Sustainability, Technology & Human Rights

Latest: United Nations Sustainable Fashion Summit

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