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Fashion Activism

We use fashion as a tool for social and environmental change. We print NASA images on 100% natural fabric and eco-friendly dyes and process.

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Slow Fashion

Our brand is called Slow Factory for a reason — we manufacture and advocate for Slow Fashion, responsibly sourced materials, we use 100% natural fabrics and eco-friendly dyes. Our company is responsibly designed and our operations are carefully managed so that our growth is sustainable. This means smaller production runs and holding less stock, which again means that we plan on running out of things. We truly believe that slow and steady wins the race.

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Slow Factory is a design boutique that creates limited edition silk scarves by merging high-resolution digital prints of scientific images from NASA with the highest quality, centuries-old traditional textile finishing in Como, Italy. Each collection weaves a strong partnership with an internationally-recognized NGO working in the Environmental or Human Rights sectors.