Fading Rover Tracks on Mars

Fading Rover Tracks on Mars

54" silk square

silk + modal

Frayed Edge

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In this composite image, we show a close-up of the tracks, as well as 6 previous HiRISE views acquired since June 2007, shortly after Opportunity’s drive.

The span encompasses over a full Mars year, from southern spring to the following summer. Both the grayscale images at the top of each sequence and the color below show a progressive fading of the tracks over time. The color also shows that the tracks are initially fairly red and become bluer. This is because the weight of the rover pushed dark granules into the relatively bright, red Martian soil. Since then, dark sand has blown out of Victoria and partially covered the tracks, darkening the surface.

Made in Italy with a combination of silk and modal (Modal is a processed bio-based textile made from reconstituted cellulose from beech trees.) 

Our products are fair trade and made with eco-friendly ink.

Credits: NASA