Shiza Shahid is the Co-Founder of the Malala Fund

by Celine Semaan Vernon — October 21, 2014

Shiza Shahid is the Co-Founder of the Malala Fund ; she has dedicated her life to empowering women + girls via entrepreneurship + innovation, and she's barely 25. Her work promotes #dignity and enhances #peace . We're honored she participated in the campaign. Photo credit @emilywiniker


by Celine Semaan Vernon — October 20, 2014

In this series of collages we remixed NASA Satellite and Telescope images with LIFE magazine iconic photography as a way to explore new narratives. People + Space have always been an inspiration to us. 

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HiRISE images make timeless fashion

by Celine Semaan Vernon — October 20, 2014

We are geeks over here at Slow Factory.

Science turns us on and we truly believe "Science is the Breath of Progress". Our Mars, Revealed! Collection is made with images from HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment is a camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The 65 kg (143 lb), $40 million USD instrument was built under the direction of the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. It consists of a 0.5 m (19.7 in) aperture reflecting telescope, the largest so far of any deep space mission, which allows it to take pictures of Mars with resolutions of 0.3 m/pixel (about 1 foot), resolving objects below a meter across.

HiRISE has imaged Mars landers on the surface, including the ongoing Curiosity and Opportunity rover missions.)

Sorry for the long parenthesis but we over here love pointing to Wikipedia and have our timeless product carry a little bit of information/education about the kind of Universe and World we live in. Read interview with Slow Factory's founder.

Explore our collections and find yourself amazed and in awe with the beautiful world we live in.

A survival guide

by Celine Semaan Vernon — October 14, 2014


Seems like everyone around me has been feeling Mercury Retrograding. Which inspired me to instagram this image, and for you out there looking for a surviving this retrograde, check this out.

Dignity Fund x Anera

by Celine Semaan Vernon — October 09, 2014

We have partnered with ANERA and created the Dignity Fund to support the work of ANERA across the Middle East.

According to the World Heart Federation, heart disease and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death, killing 17.1 million people every year. That is more than cancer, HIV and AIDS and malaria. In honor of World Heart Day, ANERA features the story of two couples in Lebanon in love. The husbands both take heart medicine that ANERA delivers to clinics across Lebanon. 

See more on ANERA



Dignity Campaign

by Celine Semaan Vernon — September 19, 2014

Slow Factory is proud to present its breakthrough fall campaign, Dignity / Dignité in collaboration with Anera. Launching on October 1st, the campaign will donate a substantial portion of sales from its fall line to the Dignity Kits that will support on-the-ground efforts in the Middle East to improve lives of refugees across the region affected by the various conflicts.

Slow Factory + NYFW

by Celine Semaan Vernon — August 26, 2014

Mark your calendar

September 10th. you are invited to Slow Factory's NYFW event

New York Fashion Week is buzzing with exciting events to attend and for this occasion we would like to invite you to SLOW DOWN and look at the big picture with us on September 10th for Slow Factory's Trunk Show where cocktail and delicious bites will be served from 6PM to 9PM at the RePopRoom 527 W 29TH Street (2nd Floor) NY 10001.

Slow Factory is a satellite boutique floating in space. Its timeless aesthetic is sourced from open data images, and the combination of science and design. Founded on August 5, 2012 – the day that the Curiosity rover landed on Mars - their work is inspired by NASA’s open data images of the Earth and of space, taken by satellites and telescopes to create quintessential pieces. Slow Factory re-purposes and re-samples in order to create new meaning.

Slow Factory's designs and products represent the new kind of luxury: the timeless and the temporary combined into sustainable essentials that are built to last, made in Italy and New York.

Take some time to slow down with us on September 10th.

Hope to see you there:

Slow Factory
NYFW Trunk Show
September 10th, 6PM - 9PM
at RePopRoom
527 W 29TH Street (2nd Floor) NY





by Celine Semaan Vernon — August 15, 2014

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The air is crisp and the nights are cool. Keep your scarf in your purse, you'll need it.

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